The written pieces on this website I wrote a couple years back, and on reading them again I feel a bit cringey about some of the content. They are from personal experience so it makes sense that they are cis/heteronormative (I am actually queer but have never written about the women I’ve been involved with, the reasoning for that is another story). Even so as I wrote them as ironic ‘advice’ segments, it doesn’t sit right that I wrote them exclusively to a cis-hetero audience. I also think some parts come off as predatory. At the time of writing I think I was vaguely aware of that, but wanted to use that discomfort to show a double-standard. In retrospect, I don’t think it worked. I haven’t actually had any negative feedback on those issues (I have had negative feedback that it was self deprecating but like, duh)…
I’m acknowledging this not because I think I did something wrong and offensive, but because in future if I create more content I plan to make it more inclusive.

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